Thursday, January 1, 2009

Little J's visit...

There's a place where I go to AA meetings right down the street from my house. It's kind of a shit hole but we all love it. It really doesn't matter that the place is falling apart. The coffee's great and the people are better. The owner is my grand sponsor so I was excited to take my son there for her to meet. He was feeling a little cooped up because the weather was nasty and we didn't leave the house much. So I took him down to the coffee house to play pool and meet some people.
He said he'd played pool once before so I thought I was gonna have to hold back to give him a chance to learn. But not so. He kicked my butt!

There's also a pinball machine at the coffee house which, it turns out, my son also kicks ass at.

On the opposite side of my house as the coffee shop is the zoo. Once the weather cleared up we took a little walk to check out the animals. Even though our zoo is free, we didn't go in. What's the point when we can see the animals from our back porch? Instead, we traipsed through the bamboo groves that surround the zoo and discovered that homeless people live in them. Then we climbed on the giant metal sculpture in front of the zoo that has a big sign on it telling people not to climb on it. *pthhht*


  1. I just noticed the link to the gluten free pages, Are you Celiac? I am.

  2. Yes I am. So is my boyfriend. But he refuses to eat right.

  3. bummer, I love that I no longer have an unsightly and itchy rash and stomach ache etc that I had for 30 years previously

  4. I didn't get the rash part of it, but I have everything else. It's hard not to eat wheat, though. Everything has it in there. Even french fries!